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Company Culture

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Feihang Electrical Machinery

We must make every member of the company feel strongly that it is a brick in the majestic wall and is an indispensable part. The close combination of bricks and bricks is the basis for the establishment of the city wall. This close combination is cohesion. The cohesiveness of employees is the source of enterprise development and the source of collective creativity. Only when the pace is consistent, the role of cohesion can be effectively played. When team members are proud and gratified that they are part of a magnificent wall, when people realize their self-worth, everyone is willing to pay for themselves and others.
It is a pursuit of our enterprise, a spirit of continuous improvement, and it is not only the premise of realizing personal value, but also the basis for the company to achieve sustainable development and innovation. The enterprise has a clear market competition orientation, and has a development blueprint and catching up the goal. This goal is the direction for every employee of the company to work hard and keep climbing. It is the ladder to realize personal value and create a future with the company. Every employee needs to study hard, keep improving, improve themselves, regard the company's honor and disgrace as their own honor and disgrace, and regard the rise and fall of the enterprise as their own rise and fall. We have a determination to never fail to overcome and overcome all difficulties in the face of setbacks.
Adhere to seeking truth from facts, seeking truth and being pragmatic; paying attention to honesty and honesty; focusing on work efficiency and result orientation, and earnestly and practically making the company bigger and stronger.
It is the soul of enterprises seeking survival, the inexhaustible motive force for enterprises to achieve sustainable development, and the basic way to improve economic efficiency. The level of innovation ability directly determines our success or failure in market competition. Therefore, we must explore the independent innovation of enterprises, and establish and improve independent innovation institutions and mechanisms. Gradually establish a comprehensive innovation system with concept innovation as the guide, institutional innovation as the premise, technological innovation as the core, product innovation as the carrier, management innovation as the guarantee, market innovation as the attribution of various innovation mechanisms, and promote our independent innovation ability. Comprehensive improvement.