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Measures to improve the quality of the coil

Measures to improve the quality of the coil

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The quality issue is a major event that affects the survival of the company and must be taken seriously. If a company wants to survive and develop, ensuring product quality is the top priority for the company. How to improve the quality of the reel? It takes roughly three stages.
The first stage is the quality inspection phase of the coil. That is to say, through strict inspection, the control box guarantees the quality of the products transferred to the next process and the factory. The characteristic of full-time inspection is "separation of three powers".
That is: some people set standards; some are responsible for manufacturing; some people have full-time inspection of product quality. This practice is essentially a waste product in the product, graded. Although this has a certain effect on ensuring the quality of the factory.
The second stage is the statistical quality control stage of the coil. This stage is characterized by the use of statistical principles to control quality during production processes to prevent unqualified and inspect the quality of the product. In terms of the way, the responsible person is also transferred from a full-time inspector to a professional quality control engineer and technician.
The third stage is the overall quality management phase of the reel. It is further developed on the basis of statistical quality control. It attaches importance to recognizing factors, emphasizing the participation of all employees, and the quality management of all work in the whole process.
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