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Talent Concept


Talent Concept

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Feihang Electrical Machinery

Talent is the foundation for realizing the strategic goals of the company and the driving force for the sustainable development of the company. With scientific training methods, effective incentive mechanisms, a fair competition platform, and broad career development space, we will increase our efforts in the selection, training, use, and retention of human resources. Optimize the quality structure of personnel, so that each employee can fully demonstrate self-worth in Yangzhou Feihang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd., achieve the greatest fit between personal career planning and corporate development goals, and achieve the common growth of employees and enterprises.
Promote communication and cooperation, and help each other. The company provides a good working environment and development platform for employees with scientific and standardized management. Our company respects the core values of “Grateful Heart, Excellent Quality, Honesty and Honesty, Friendship and Win-Win, Fulfilling Commitment, Teamwork” and This serves as the guiding principle for all aspects of human resources work. Our company pays attention to the professional ethics of employees' honesty and courage to take responsibility, and strives to realize the common development and progress of employees and enterprises.
Good corporate talents should have excellent qualities. First of all, have a healthy personality. Simply put, there must be principles, and there are clear standards of good and evil. Have a strong sense of responsibility and professional integrity. Second, we must have a higher level of creativity. Excellent talents must have a sense of innovation, see a problem with a unique perspective, have creative impulses, have the spirit of seeking different thinking and dare to doubt. Finally, there must be extensive knowledge. Enterprises value and demand compound talents, so employees should have a wealth of knowledge, which can ensure that people have a migratory thinking.